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anyone else in this thread on the toilet rn


Wasn’t when I first saw this but I am now

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smooch asked:

Languor, Aesthete, Propensity!

Languor: Do you have trouble waking up in the morning? Is it hard for you to fall asleep?

Yes and Yes. My sleeping habits are atrocious. I can force myself up if I know I need to be awake for something, but usually I'll go lie down again once it's dealt with. I can and have been able to force myself up early consistently for work though, it just left me exhausted.

Aesthete: Do you prefer being outside or being inside?

Inside. I like the coziness of sitting inside while it's stormy out. Listening to the rain and rping with my partner.

Propensity: What's a quirk of yours that people find endearing? Do you like it?

I express excitement and interest very physically. Usually I flap my hands really fast or press my face and jaw. I also tend to bounce my legs.