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I need help (Edited 04/07/2019)

Change of circumstances. Putting the original text of this post under a read more. Things have turned around a bit and while there's still a bit of a bumpy road ahead, things are going to get better.

I made a post about the new situation here

I recently found out that come September I will be losing my Universal Credit completely. This is already just barely enough to get by because of the way they work it out. I’ve been putting off making this post because I don’t feel comfortable just asking for help like this, but at this point I’m out of options.

I am nonbinary and autistic. Because of sensory issues I cannot work in certain environments or I will have regular meltdowns. I also have trouble with my sense of balance which can make certain tasks incredibly difficult.

I live with my parents, but they can’t support me financially. Best case scenario, my income will drop from £3000 to £1500 to cover me for a whole year, but I might not even get that.

I’m setting a goal on Kofi of £2000 as that should be enough to give me some stability and time to try and find consistent work. In the meantime I will keep updating you all on the situation both here and on Waterfall.

I don’t like just asking for money for nothing, so I will be taking commissions via my email [email protected] You can find all the information about my commissions here.

I’ll also be taking smaller sketch requests over on Kofi.

If you aren’t looking for a commission right now, I recently put up my first ever work on Redbubble which you can find here.

Any little bit helps and reblogs are also very much appreciated. I'm crossposting this on my tumblr also under the username nagahissteria. Tumblr is not kind to posts with links so if you're able a reblog there would make a huge difference.

Here are a few examples of my art that I think best show what I do. You can find all my art posts here.


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Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers.

Doing Ko-fi requests over on Twitch! Fairly chill stream so feel free to come hang out