I’m in need of money for some food since I’ll only eat certain kinds than have anything available in the house, getting tired of thriving on cereal, sandwiches, and (sometimes) pizza n’ chips, and also want to feed my nephew who’s also especially picky as I am.

Like not to be That Guy who asks for things, especially if it’s something fixable, but I’d rather feel satisfied than go hungry to the point of irritation, anxiety, and getting sick.

I’m unemployed and probably plan living on disability in the future for personal reasons, despite being pressured to apply for a job. My dad’s using most of his money on a house for us he’s paying for to be built back in most of the family’s home country and grandpa. And even if he had the money, I don’t really wanna ask him for some because… terrible things have come to light, let’s just say (plus he gets tired from 12 hours on his job so he needs a lot of rest). Mom can’t work anymore due to her ataxia. My brother… Well, some of y’all know how siblings can be and I don’t wanna pester him to take me places and lend me money. He kinda scares me a little, too.

Not only that, but I also want to have some money for helping me move out of this hell hole, and to cover a few payments that I owe as well.

Sorry for not having a fancy commission sheet on me at the moment, nor having examples for certain types of commissions in the link below. Been having a slow art day as of lately. I’ll probably have one later. In the meantime, here are a few examples of what my art looks like (captions below!):


(Sketchy chibi fanart of RevScarecrow playing My Summer Car. Mind the name in signature, that was my old Twitch username--)


(Bust commission for one of my good friends, cryptid-anonymous on Tumblr, of his OC, Danny!)


(Fullbody lineless art of my shapeshifter OC possibly for D&D, Maddox!)


(Headshot painting of Julian from The Arcana for a trade with @99cmilk on Twitter!)

And here are the prices and examples for what I can draw for all y’alls. Also linked there is what I will and won’t draw tho I’ll toss a link to that in this post, too, just in case.

You can also donate/commission me on Ko-fi as well! I don’t have a sheet (along with prices) set up there either (again, sorry), so you can give or pay what you want.

Reblogging this also helps! Message me for email (and PayPal as well), otherwise the address should on my Ko-fi page. Thank you guys either way!! <3