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An update on my situation (04/07/2019)

There has been a change of circumstances. Not to worry, things got better. Going to edit my original post and add a link to this one. Full explanation under read more.

So I had a job interview on monday. Full time work as a learning support assistant that's a train ride away.

Today I found out I got the job.

Because the position is in a specialised college, it operates on term times so the likelihood is I won't be seeing any pay until the end of september. but once I'm working, pay is pro rata, meaning I get paid in the summer even though I don't get work in the summer. It also means my pay will be consistent.

I'm not in the clear just yet. I still have some expenses that I might fall a little short on, but now I should be able to keep things afloat.

I would like to build up an additional safety buffer of about £100 just to get through until I can get paid if possible. For this reason I am keeping my commissions open and I'm going to make a new goal on kofi to replace the current one. Any support is very appreciated but please don't feel at all obligated. This is peace of mind more than anything.

I want to thank everyone who shared the original post and sent me kind words of support. You guys are awesome and deserve the best.

Here are my links for anyone who is interested in commissions etc:

My art is here

Commission info here

Kofi here

That one thing I have on redbubble here

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