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"Get to Know Me" Tag Game

Game was made by @aurenfaie

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Tagging: @tonysopranovevo @smooch @maxkenichiiart and @dissypoo

RULES: Copy the rules and prompts into a new post. Fill out the prompts and tag four people. (To tag a person, simply write @ followed by the person's URL/handle; the link should generate when you post.) If you don't want to fill out a prompt, leave it blank or use the strikethrough option, so the people you tag can see the full list of original prompts. Please link to the post of the person who tagged you.

Name/nickname: Quinn/Naga Meaning of your name/nickname/URL (what you're most comfortable with sharing): It is a pun. Naga's are mythical snake people and hissteria is a play on hysteria. It also uses the Homestuck naming format because I used to be a fan a long time ago and I haven't had the heart to change it. Zodiac sign: Taurus baby! Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw, though for years I called myself Slytherin. Height: I'm about 5'6" to 5'7" or 167 - 171cm The thing you like best about yourself: I get very excited about things. I'm never just mildly interested in something. I really enjoy listening to when other people are excited like that too. I think it's a really wonderful thing. The first thing people notice about you: Very shy in person. It'll take some prompting before I'll jump in, so I'm usually just listening and watching at first. People have poined out that I can be very observant because of it. Last song you listened to: Anonymous by Three Days Grace. It is currently my same song! Last book/article/fanfic you read: Unfortunately a lot of what I've been reading lately has been about some pretty unpleasant topics. A lot of articles in regards to what's going on in Orlando involving an organisation called the NIFB. I'm not going to detail it here because I really don't have the spoons but if it's something you haven't heard about and are considering looking into then tw's for Homophobia, Racism, Sexism, Ableism, Genocide, and Religious fundamentalism. The things they are advocating are disgusting. Last video/film/show you watched: The new trailer for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Very excited for this game. Last thing you were out the house for: Interviews.... So many Interviews First three songs that come up when you shuffle your music player: Misery Loves my Company by Three Days Grace, The Death Waltz produced in Synthesia, I will not Bow by Breaking Benjamin A piece of literature/film that represents you: Coraline. I very much remember inventing adventures like that as a child and I still kind of do when I RP. I'm a curious person, I want to know what's going on and how things work. I'm also very sceptical. The thing(s) you never leave the house without: My phone, a sketchpad, a pencilcase, my keys, and headphones. Languages you speak: English and a little BSL Instruments you play(ed): Violin, guitar, and piano How you motivate yourself: Mostly just a "The sooner I get <necessary thing=""> done the sooner it's no longer my problem." Art and creativity wise, I don't like to force it too much. Though if I know I really want to make time to do a specific thing that I need to get myself started on, a cup of tea, my headphones, and some music or a lets play to listen to usually do the trick. So does grabbing a few friends and making it a stream. Where you'd like to visit if you could go anywhere: I want to visit my QPP @tonysopranovevo. Currently in New Jersey so right now that's where. The things hanging on your wall in your bedroom: My wall over my desk is covered in cards and drawings from children I've worked with, including a little note that reads "Every day you inspired me and taught me something new. I was really lucky to have a teacher like you." which was accompanied by a keychain with lots of little charms on it. That's from almost 2 years ago now and it never fails to make me smile. There's some drawings I did with one of my best friends from over on Tumblr when he came to visit. Seeing him again later this year, can't wait! Thoughts on the existence of ghosts: Possible, no way to really prove anything except for potentially anecdotes though. I'd have to experience something personally to really believe, but I'm open to the idea. I think it's kind of comforting. Longest you've had your hair: All the way down my back. With each haircut I take it shorter. Something on your to-do list: FINISH SOME ART! STOP LEAVING THINGS AS SKETCHES ALL THE TIME. Random fact about you: I have a shelf dedicated to Portal merch. A fictional world you'd like to live in: Animal Crossing. Payable debts and a friendly environment. That is the dream. What you do when you're upset: Mostly just scroll tumblr and watch let's plays on youtube. Chuggaaconroy is usually good for my mood. Piece of jewelry and/or clothing you (almost) always wear: My Nightmare before Christmas hoodie. Very cosy.</necessary>

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