Naga's Commission Prices and Rules

<del>~Rules and Guidelines</del>~

For examples of my work, please look to my art tag here

If you're interested in a commission please email me @ with details of what you're looking for. Prices are listed below but can vary depending on the complexity of the piece.

All Prices include 3 thumbnail sketches to work out composition/posing and 1 free redo of the initial sketch.

For pieces of higher detail or require more work, I break up payments into 3 stages: deposit, confirmation, and final. The deposit must be paid prior to all work on a piece, once it has been received I can begin work on thumbnails and the initial sketch. Once the sketch has been agreed upon and the confirmation has been paid, I will continue the piece to completion and send you a watermarked version when it is complete. A watermarkless version will be sent once final payment has been recieved.

I split payments like this in order to protect both myself and clients financially throughout the process. This system means that an individual can decide to back out after the initial sketch stage without having sunk in the whole price for the piece or so that you can choose to delay completion if you wish to spread payments. It also means if you back out my time has not been wasted.

These rules are in place to make this process as smooth as possible for all parties involved.

If you're unsure about anything here or have any further questions, please send them to the email listed above.

<del>~What I will/won't draw</del>~

I will draw:

  • Canon characters
  • OCs
  • Mythical creatures
  • Furries
  • G/t
  • Some types of NSFW (Gore, Mild sexual content. Most things are case by case unless it's listed in my 'will not draw' so feel free to ask!)

I will not draw:

  • Rape or any kind of sexual assault
  • Incest
  • Child abuse of any kind
  • Underage ships
  • Explicit sex

Some of these things likely go without saying, but I'm listing them anyway.

If there's anything I haven't listed, feel free to query about it in my askbox or via email.


Character Piece:


Sketch: $8

Lined: $9

Full Colour: $10

+ each additional character: $8

Half Body

Sketch: $12

Lined: $14

Full Colour: $16

+ each additional character: $12

Full Body

Sketch: $20

Lined: $25

Full Colour: $30

+ each additional character: $20

Simple background elements or objects of interaction are negotiable

Reference Sheet:


*All are Full colour and Full body

Standard: 1 x Front shot & 1 x Backshot - $45

Mid tier: 1 x Front shot, 1 x Backshot, and 1 x Profile - $65

Turnaround: 1 x Front shot, 1 x Backshot, and 2 x Profile - $75


Sketched Bust Expressions x 4 - +$10

Full body sketches alt styles x 2 - +$15

Other content:

250x250 pixel icons - $5

Sketched Bust expressions x 4 - $12 (+$3 each for additional expressions)

Concept sketch Page - $20

Comic pages and full scenery pieces are case by case due to complexity and variation.